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Once a Week Theatre


May 23rd - June 4th 2017

The Pleasance Theatre


Lottery is a sharp, new, dystopian, comedy.

Politics has changed. A lot.

The voting system has been replaced by a new, fairer system where the Prime Minister is chosen randomly from the general public and everyone, well pretty much everyone, is in the draw.

Watch one unsuspecting citizen toe the line of right and wrong as they discover the delightful perks of becoming the most powerful person in the country.

Featuring sweat patches, power stances and a full bodied moustache.

“Lottery is a great bit of writing, strikingly staged and excellently performed.”
- London City Nights

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“Lottery pokes fun at modern politics in a dark manner, exploring the materialistic popularity contest it seems to have become, yet somehow remains funny in an unequivocally British way.”

- A Younger Theatre

About Us

Founded in 2014, Fictive Theatre is a company that creates, encourages and embraces brave and bold new theatre.

Fictive Theatre is a contemporary theatre company that creates intimate, challenging and thought provoking performance. Working with a small core of artists, we challenge social perceptions and question human patterns, mind sets and relationships.

We focus on the constantly evolving nature of theatre and the truthfulness of the present and pursue theatre that challenges our audiences.

Our Work


Lottery is a sharp, new, dystopian, comedy. Politics has changed. A lot. The Prime Minister is now picked at random from the general public and everyone - well, pretty much everyone is in the draw. Expect sweat patches, power stances and a full bodied moustache.


Scarborough follows a 15 year-old boy on a romantic weekend away with his (nearly) 30 year-old female teacher at a bed and breakfast in Scarborough.

Across social media and tabloid newspapers it seems every week a new student - teacher affair is uncovered. By staying away from sensationalism, Scarborough becomes an engaging play presenting the affair from a neutral point of view.

This intimate performance is set on a bed, in the round.


In 90’s England comes a dark comedy which delves into the intricacies of parenthood and mixed couple sperm donations. The play follows a gay and lesbian couple struggling to raise a child between the four of them, whilst opening questions up about a world famous play.

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Be the bra to our breasts and the crutch to our ankle because what else are you going to do - buy another DVD? Who even watches DVD’s anymore? No one. You’re DVD watching days are numbered my friend, so put it down and give us the money instead. Look, we don’t want to ask for money but we also don’t want to lie and say we don’t need it because we do.

Fictive Theatre is small and ambitious which is great and we’re really proud to be because it means that everything we have accomplished has been worth so much more. We are a theatre company that forges friendships and relationships with other artists in the hope that we can help them out because we don’t want the arts to stay the way the are right now. We want change, we want more young people to be afforded opportunities based on their work ethic, talent and skill not just who they know or where they grew up. In order to do that, in order to make it about what’s on stage instead of what’s in your Instagram profile - we need to make amazing theatre. Challenging, thought provoking, bold, ambitious theatre. Which we do already, but we want to keep doing it and with more people and with a wider outreach. Which is why we need your support.

It’s an investment. It’s an investment in the arts - in the funny, in the tragic, in the controversial and the beautiful. If you watch theatre or film or listen to music then you should know how important it is to help nourish the next generation of artists in order to watch them flourish.

If you can’t give us money then, we won’t hate you (we’ll definitely raise one eyebrow if we see you though) just give what you can. If you can drive and have the odd spare weekend to shift a set then great or have a space that we could rehearse in one or two days a week.

Ultimately encouragement and trust in the work we are creating exists in lots of different ways and we’d just be happy for you play a part in that.